We recommend bringing all of your own materials or sending it to us in advance.

Address packages to:

(Nadace “Mairie des Arts”)
Frejštejn House
67106 Podhradi nad Dyji 48, CZ

Postal service:

Please be aware that if works or materials come from outside of CZ, 
there may be delays and customs charges.

If your works are large, we recommend painting 
on unstretched canvas so it’s easier to ship. 
For the sake of your time being used wisely at Frejštejn House 
we can assist in shipping after you leave.

Closest art supplies stores:

(near Vienna airport)
Unter der Kirche 4, (Simmering)
1110 Wien, Austria

tel: +43176973760
mail: [email protected]

Národní 37, Platyz
110 00 Praha 1, Staré Město

tel: +420222220174
mail: [email protected]

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