Club partners foundation “Mairie des Arts”

All accepted artists will be awarded the “Mairie des Arts” grant which will be applied to the partial cost of the artist-in-residence program once the deposit is received and the artist is scheduled.

Before applying to the residency please become a member of the foundation in order to be registered and obtain the benefits of support in your stay or simply receive information about the activities and be able to participate.

If you reserve in Frejstejn House you help the work of the foundation ‘Mairie des Arts’ so that they can continue their mission.

Any donor accepted as a member of the club has free access to the events organized by the Foundation. They will also have access to the private pub at Frejštejn House.

Any person or enterprise can become a member of the club (you don’t have to reserve a room or stay in the residency), there is also a donation fee of minimum €10 (240 Kč) per calendar year, per person.

The artist in residence continues to have a cost once applied or supported.
Over time we believe we will be able to secure more funding.
Our mission is that there are no extra expenses for all the artists planned. We haven’t done it yet!

We look forward to meeting you in beautiful southern Moravia, Czech Republic.

Minimum donation: €10 (240 Kč) per year (calendar) p/person.
You will receive the confirmation by SMS or WhatsApp

Discipline and / or style of work
Grants are only awarded with a minimum stay of one week.
Attachments are optional - we will review artist's website and social media account. If you do not have an online portfolio, please attach 5 pictures maximum via email to [email protected]
Thank you for applying to The Frejštejn House Artist Residency! Please choose one
How will your work be seen?
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