Frejštejn House Artist Residency Agreement

The Frejštejn House, which hosts an artist in residence program, invites artists and other creative individuals from time to time to use its facilities at 48 Podhradi nad Dyji, South Moravia, Czech Republic, 67106, including grounds, studio and living quarters (the Property) to pursue their artistic and intellectual endeavours. The terms of this agreement apply to all such individuals’ making use of the Property.

1. The undersigned (hereinafter “Artists”) shall be permitted use of the Property at Frejštejn House. It is anticipated the artist will reside and work at the property during agreed upon dates (hereafter the “Guest Period”). However, Frejštejn House reserves the right to terminate Artists Guest Period at the Property if Artist fails to abide by any of the terms in this agreement or should such termination become necessary or desirable, in Frejštejn House, ’s sole discretion. Artist further agrees to be bound by the terms of this agreement should he or she arrives prior to, stay beyond, or return after the guest period indicated.

2. Artist understands that the Guest Period has been exclusively set-aside for Artist and that this or her failure to attend as anticipated will cause harm to the program. Artist has seriously reviewed his/her personal and professional commitments and is confident that there are no foreseeable circumstances that would prevent him/her from fully participating in the residency during the above time frame.

3. Artist agrees to abide by the expectations and rules of conduct established for the Property as defined on the website, further discussed in the orientation, and otherwise self-communicated by staff, which rules are applicable to all Artists at the Property, and which may be changed from time to time.

4. Artist agrees to comply with all laws and regulations governing the use of Property including, without limitation to, environmental laws, Artist agrees, in particular to conform to Frejštejn House ’s procedures regarding proper handling, storage, and disposal of any hazardous or regulated materials.

5. Artist is responsible for the purchase of all his/her art materials and supplies.

6. Artist agrees that Artists personal property, including his/her artwork, is brought to and /or created at the Property at Artists sole risk. Frejštejn House shall not be responsible for loss or damage to Artist property.

7. Artist agrees to hold harmless the Frejštejn House as well their officers, members, directors, associates, contributors, agents and employees (hereafter Frejštejn House Group) from any and all damages including, without limitation, personal injury and property or financial loss resulting from Artist’s use of the property or participation in the program.

8. Artist further agrees to hold Frejštejn House Group harmless from any liability or damages arising as a result of personal injuries sustained by Artists guests or invitees/visitors on or about the Property as a result of their use of the property.

9. Artist understands and agrees that no installations on or disturbances of the natural environment and landscape at Frejštejn House are permitted until Artist and Frejštejn House have entered into a separate and written agreement outlining the particular terms of the intervention.

10. Unless separate, written commission agreement between Frejštejn House and the Artists has been entered into Artist shall have no right to compensation, and Artist hereby waives any right to claim lien against the Property, for work performed upon or improvements made to the property or Artist.

11. At the end of Artists Guest Period, Artist shall vacate the Property and remove his/her personal effects, including artwork, supplies, and tools and relinquish those areas of the Property assigned to him/her in the condition in effect upon Artist’s arrival. Any costs incurred by Frejštejn House to repair or replace property damaged by Artists, save normal wear and tear, and/ or, for other reimbursable expenses due to Frejštejn House will be settled by Artists prior to their departure.

12. Artist grants Frejštejn House the unrestricted right to utilize, publish and post personal, group, work and work-in-progress, photographic, and film/video imagery as well as commentary statements provided by the artists- for promotional, testimonial, archival or informational purposes, including on the Frejštejn House website, related social- media, related catalogues and brochures- in support of the Artist Residency unless a special exception is agreed in writing. The Artist-in-Residence will retain and own the rights to all their work.

13. Artist agrees to provide public acknowledgement to the Frejštejn House when presenting or publishing works created to a substantial degree during his/her residency, especially in cases where Frejštejn House provided extraordinary support for his/her project.

14. All invitations to become a resident at Frejštejn House are subject to the signing of the Agreement as well as Artist participation in pre-residency communications. If in the course of pre-residency communications, it becomes evident that Artist is ill suited for the residency, Frejštejn House in its sole discretion, reserves the right to withdraw its invitation without incurring any liability.

15. Deposit is 100% refundable up to 1 months prior to your residency. Upon second payment the deposit is no longer refundable. Deposit and Grant are applied towards payment. All prices are in Euro. (Payment fees will be deducted and are not refundable).

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